Bits & Bobs

Who is who?

We are often briefed to adopt an “iconic” approach to design and wondered how this approach would influence a self-portrait.
Can you guess who is Jörg, Rüdiger and Nils?

Verinion - Bits & Pieces Design Dings Tag
Verinion - Bits & Pieces Design Dings Tag

DESING/DINGS/TAG von desingxport

As one of the initiators, Verinion hosted the event series DESIGN/DINGS/TAG for desingxport in December 2018.

Esther Stühmer, Julia Kaiser, René Fehrmann and Kim Bobsin presented and discussed their „Design thing” before approximately 50 guests. A big thank you to you all!

Our jewel

This old photograph dating back to 1899 shows our office building. Although it was built long before the modern Hamburg HafenCity, it still stands unchanged. Like many iconic brands we have worked on, our old building has a real story to tell.

What’s in a brief?

One of favourite pro bono activities is for the marketing faculty of a Swiss university. To learn the art of briefing, students develop creative packaging briefs for imaginary product innovations…and are amazed at the outcomes when we design against their briefs.

55 cm²

A small space that’s big on detail – Jörg is passionate about playing card design and has designed cards for some of Germany’s best magicians. This design was created for Pit Hartling, a globally recognised card conjurer.

52 friends

Jörg came up with this design for the “master of cards”, Jan Logemann.

Logos for a good cause

(RED) is a British organisation committed to the fight against AIDS. Individuals or companies wishing to have a logo in the (RED) look receive a logo free of charge from participating designers who would then donate the fee they considered appropriate to (RED). A wonderful, creative project for a good cause. We didn’t have to think twice about joining!

Wet feet

The climate change expresses itself in Hamburg with a flood, flashing blue lights and a compulsory evacuation every four to five years…

…if we don’t shut down our computers quickly enough, wet feet are unavoidable (Nils on his way home).