Rüdiger Ziel

Studied Communication Design. In the business for over 20 years now. Art Director at Windi Winderlich (now Brand Union). Executive Creative Director at FutureBrand Coleman Schmidlin. Executive Creative Director at Syndicate Brand & Corporate Design. Managing Partner and Creative Director of Verinion since 2001.

A real Hamburg “Jung”. Still can’t stand the sight of Labskaus. For aesthetic reasons.

Nils Hahnebeck

Studied Design, Economics, and Industrial Psychology at University of Stellenbosch. Worked for international design agencies and networks for over 10 years. Art Director at DDB Needham Cape Town. Senior Designer & Group Head at Brösske Meyer & Ruf Düsseldorf. Design Director and Associate at Enterprise IG Hamburg (now Brand Union). Managing Partner and Creative Director of Verinion since 2001.

Native South African, from Cape Town. Prefers his home-made boerewors to Labskaus.

Jörg Willich

Studied Communication Design in Germany and England. Designer at Designbridge, Creative Director at Peter Schmidt Studios, 8 years as Creative Director and Deputy Managing Director at Landor Associates, then Executive Creative Director at FutureBrand, responsible for the offices in Hamburg and Basel. Joined the Hamburg team as Managing Partner and Creative Director in 2006.

Likes Labskaus, and a firm believer that with the right food stylist, even Labskaus can look appetising.